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Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev (TsDIAK of Ukraine)

Fund 1336 Province government  in Little Russia
6655 items, 1779-1802
    Founded in 1796 to govern Little Russian province (previous Chernigiv and Novgorod-Seversk  vicegerencies). The government was in charge of administrative, economic and court issues of the province. It was liquidated in 1802 in the result of formation of Chernigiv and Poltav provinces.
    Senate's edicts (1797-1800). Establishment of Little Russian province (1796), suggestions of governor-generals. Minutes of the governmental meetings.
   Cases about the borders of Little Russian and New Russian provinces (1801); resettlement of Cossacks to Black Sea Cossack Host (1797), appropriation of a land by  landlords and clergy from Cossacks and peasants (1797-1799), enslaving of Cossacks and petty bourgeoisie. Information about landlords' appropriation of land; disputes about inheritable property; grant of land and serfs to landlords.
   Cases about Cossacks’ disturbance, arson of landlord's property made by peasants; escapes of peasants, soldiers and recruits. Cases about river navigation, inauguration of fairs, building of hospitals and houses, rehabilitation of roads, bridges and weirs (1797-1800).
   Cases about prohibition  of:  trade for nobility, people not of noble birth and others, who do not belong to the merchants or craftsmen; delivery of Bryansk ordnance for Black Sea Fleet; leasing out of  wine trade in  Poltava (1797); wine trade and unlicensed sale of alcohol.
   Information about prices for food, forage, construction materials and manpower.
   Cases about foreigners and other people, who were accepted as members of petty bourgeoisie and merchants; cases about Poles.  Post cases and correspondence. Cases about collection, attachment, thefts and murders.

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