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Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev (TsDIAK of Ukraine)

Fund 442 Office of Kiev, Podol and Volyn governor-general
278 601 items, 1796-1916
After the liquidation of vicegerency  and formation  of provinces (1796),  the post of Kiev  military governor was created. At the same time he was a governor-general in Little Russia and Left-bank Ukraine until 1798. According to Senate's edict about control of boundary provinces (September 9,  1801), Minsk province was in control of  Kiev military governor  till 1826.
   With the edict  (Ferbuary 24,1832)  Kiev military governor held the position of  governor-general in Podol and Volyn provinces. Since that time Kiev, Podol and Volyn provinces became a Southwestern Krai  in accordance with administrative-territorial division. This area was controlled by Kiev, Podol and Volyn governor-general.
   Governor-generals and military governors were the highest representatives of tsarism in subordinate provinces. They controlled all local, civil and military institutions. The higher authority in charge of this organization was Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The organisation went into liquidation due to an edict on October 30, 1914. The period of liquidation ended in 1916.
•    Chancery (1796-1820)
•    Executive department (1827-1862)
•    Military unit (1827-1867)
•    Court martial (1831-1862)
•    Court (1827-1878)
•    Passport office (for foreigners) (1831-1878)
•    Department of the Treasury (1827-1867)
•    1st Office (1827-1914): 1827-1878 - Police Office; 1879-1892 - 1st department; 1892-1914 - 1st Office.
•    2nd Office (1827-1914).
•    3rd Office (1827-1914) : 1827-1878 - Secret military unit; 1879-1891 - 3rd  department; 1892-1914 - 3rd Office.
•    4th Office (1857-1914).
•    5th Office (1900-1914).
•    6th Office (1900-1914).
•    Office in post-liquidation period (1914-1916).

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