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Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev (TsDIAK of Ukraine)

Fund 127 Kiev consistory

   The consistory was established  in or prior to 1700.  In 1789 it was renamed as Kiev dicastery; since 1832 – Kiev consistory. 
   It was an administrative body of Orthodox Church in eparchy.  The consistory had an administrative, executive and judicial authority. It went into liquidation in March, 1919.   
Tzar's manifesto and Hetman's Universals, Senate's and Synod's edicts, consistory minute-books.
   Tax rolls (for maintenance of consistory), collection of a tax from monastery and church  domains (votchina).  
   Cases about escape of consistory and monastery peasants.
   Cases and correspondence on: economy, monastery and church property; building of mills, distillery, brickyard and tannery; lease of monastery lands for construction of distillation,  outbreak of locusts. Cases about monastic alcohol sale. 
   Cases about appropriation of Cossacks’ and peasants' land and property; enslaving of peasants, collecting taxes from peasants; peasants' complaints on  priests for  beating, violence, exaction; disclosure of confession; embezzlement of money.  Books about borders of lands and census records of churches in Kiev eparchy.
   Cases about escape of peasants and soldiers. Cases about peasants unrest in Kiev province (guberniya),  refusal to do  corvée,  assignment  to  the list of Cossacks  due to Tzar's manifesto (1855).
   Cases about peasants' appropriation of a church land (1902-1910). Cases about church choirs, vocal schools (1744-1747); establishment of church schools (1744-1799); monastic library. 
Cases about building  and rehabilitation of churches and monasteries; fire  in churches and monasteries (1732-1834).
   Cases about  building and rehabilitation  of roads in Kiev province (guberniya), building of a bridge across Dripro River.
   Cases about adoption of the Orthodox church; prosecution of Orthodox priests (1740-1785).   Reports on  superstition among people of Kiev eparchy.
   Participation of children of priests and consistory workers in Great Patriotic War (1812), awarding of priest for participation in the Crimean War.
   Cases about resolution for marriage and cancellation of marriage (1734-1919).

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